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Mastering Lightroom Five Ebook Bundle

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Master Lightroom with this five ebook bundle.

Mastering Lightroom: Book One – The Library Module teaches you how to use the Library Module to import, organize and search your images, laying the foundation for everything you will ever use Lightroom for.

Mastering Lightroom: Book Two – The Develop Module shows you how to use the tools in the Develop module to get the most out of your Raw files.

Mastering Lightroom: Book Three – Black & White explains how to create powerful and extraordinary black and white images in Lightroom.

Mastering Lightroom: Book Four – The Photos contains ten beautiful Case Studies that show you how to use some of Lightroom’s more advanced features to create powerful images.

Mastering Lightroom: Book Five – The Other Modules shows you how to use Lightroom’s powerful features to create fun and interesting projects using the Map, Book, Slide show, Print and Web modules.

What others are saying

“I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your book. I bought it this morning and have been reading all day. I am an experienced Lightroom user and have been using it since day one. I have purchased several video training courses and countless books/ebooks.

Your book is by far the best that I have read. No kidding, you explained some of the stuff on 2012 Process and exposure that I could never keep straight. The chart on shadows/blacks/whites/highlights and where they kick in is priceless. Really great.” – Jim

“Just wanted to say thanks for your extremely helpful books – particularly the Mastering Lightroom series. They’re a great starting point in creating a workflow which is far better than just a ‘this is how it works’ sort of guide. It’s been eye-opening and useful, even for a rank amateur home hobbyist.” – Nancy

“I found Mastering Lightroom Book Two amazing… I sat at the computer going from your book to Lightroom, practicing each part in the process.  Your book made it so easy to understand each part!

I will be recommending your books without hesitation.” – Pearl

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