The Black & White Landscape Companion

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The Black & White Landscape Companion contains case studies with twelve talented black and white landscape photographers including Håkan Strand, Trevor Cotton and Arnaud Bertrande.

There are eleven photos from each photographer, giving you 132 beautiful monochrome landscapes from all over the world to enjoy.

In-depth interviews giving you a deeper insight into the thoughts and processes that the best landscape photographers go through to create their beautiful work.

The photographers interviewed in this ebook are:

  • Rohan Reilly
  • Håkan Strand
  • Arnaud Bertrande
  • Red Ognita
  • Michael Diblicek
  • Andy Brown
  • David Frutos
  • Trevor Cotton
  • Nate Parker
  • Thomas Leong
  • Thibault Roland
  • Nathan Wirth

The Black & White Landscape Companion photography ebook

What you will learn.

  • Why setting projects is so important for your development as a landscape photographer and artist.
  • Who the most influential and highly thought of landscape photographers are.
  • How to explore themes like the passing of time and solitude in your landscape photography.
  • Why black and white is such a beautiful and expressive medium for landscape photography.
  • Why travel is such an important part of landscape photography.
  • How the best landscape photographers approach composition.
  • Why light is so important in good black and white landscape images.

The Black & White Landscape Companion photography ebook

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The Black & White Landscape Companion

Title: The Black & White Landscape Companion

Length: 163 double page spreads

Words: approx 35,000

Format: PDF. You can view The Black & White Landscape Companion using free Adobe reader software on any PC or tablet. You can also read Mastering Composition on the iPad using iBooks – it has been optimised for iPad viewing.



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